Sactown Magazine - February-March 2012

LeVar Burton Q&A

We catch up with the Sacramento-raised actor as he celebrates the relaunch of Reading Rainbow, two professional milestones (big anniversaries of both Roots and Star Trek) and one personal pinch-me moment (hello, Oprah!).

Local Motives

A new Davis eatery with a decidedly local spin opens next to the city’s train depot. With its eclectic vibe and its modern take on classic fare, Our House is definitely on the right track.

The Hollow Man

As the top pick for the 1968 49ers, Sacramento’s Forrest Blue was a giant in the game. But after a career of impressive stats, the one that counted most was the one nobody wanted to discuss—the concussions he sustained on his path to glory.

Game Boy

Without stepping foot in Silicon Valley, a local kid who grew up loving games and computers started with a frozen yogurt shop and ended up building a video game company that brought a Silicon Valley giant to Sacramento. Here’s how rolling some very funny-shaped dice paid off in a very big way. And how it almost didn’t.

Mad Hot Ballroom

Local dancing queens and kings tango, fox-trot and waltz the night away during Sacramento Press Club’s Dancing with the Capitol Stars contest at the Crest

Starry Starry Night

The California Museum welcomes a bevy of bold-faced names, like Rob Lowe, Buzz Aldrin and Magic Johnson, to Sacramento for its sixth annual CA Hall of Fame gala

Valentine's Bay

With exotic flowers, oysters on ice and romantic sunset views, now’s the perfect time to visit San Francisco for a lovely (and lusty) weekend.

Bohemian Rhapsody

He’s the first person to rap extensively in the Punjabi language, he’s written songs for Bollywood films (one with Rob Lowe) and has almost as many Facebook fans as Missy Elliott. How did an Elk Grove teenager grow up to become the King of Punjabi Rap?

A Foolish Consistency

For four years, the Sacramento City Council has thwarted the notion of a strong-mayor system that would give this and future mayors the authority they need to govern more effectively. Here’s why the council’s argument is so weak.

Skyline Cinema

From Austin to Australia, rooftop theaters are blending the best of outdoor films with vertical vistas and lofty lounges. With the best summer nights on the planet, Sacramento is ideally situated to host the ultimate screening room with a view.