Sactown Magazine - June-July 2016

Sea Worthy

Skool on K’s inventive take on fish dishes hooks food lovers, while the new midtown restaurant’s playful concept reels in the whole family.

Raising the Barn

On the banks of the mighty Sacramento River, an instant architectural icon has sprouted from the earth, connecting the natural landscape of the riverfront to its modern neighbors ashore, all while making a bold statement about our region’s history and our new civic identity. Here’s how our newest urban landmark was born.

Comeback Cadillac

The recently reopened Poor Red’s Bar-B-Q is a blast from the past, serving up its legendary cocktail, the Golden Cadillac, with a heaping helping of history

Go with the Flow

Thanks to the swiftly melting snowpack of the High Sierras, the American River is once again bursting with whitewater rapids. We’ve got the lowdown on the splashiest summertime rafting trips in the region, whether you are wet behind the ears or ready to dive right in.

Thunder Dome

From sea to shining sea, state capitols are taking center stage at spectacular Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve celebrations. It happened here once, too. Let’s do it again.

The Resurrection of Zaha Hadid

Five years ago, our region botched the chance to build a bold structure designed by one of the world’s greatest architects. Now she’s gone. Let’s bring her spirit back.