Sactown Magazine - February-March 2015

Host of the Town

Ever since opening his first bar back in 1969, Randy Paragary has personified the nightlife and dining scene in Sacramento. As Paragary prepares to reopen his flagship eatery, the godfather of good times looks back on five decades of food, music, décor—and even hair.

Eye in the Sky

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s 20-year-old Dusty Schuh, putting his best feet forward in his awe-inspiring, vertigo-inducing photographs of Sacramento

Leading Lady

From Anne Gust Brown’s days as a trailblazing executive at Gap to her work in Sacramento helping craft some of the biggest political milestones of the past decade, get to know the woman whose fierce intellect, pragmatism, candor and energy has quietly redefined what it means to be California’s first lady.

Southern Comfort

A husband-and-wife team launch a new Southern-style restaurant in Southside Park, where family tradition and modern cuisine come together in everything from old-school fried chicken to a new-school burger with bacon confit.

Bruce Monighan Q&A

In December, local architect Bruce Monighan took on the role of Sacramento’s Urban Design Manager. He shares his vision for creating a distinctive regional style, using steel shipping containers in architecture, attracting the next generation of downtown dwellers (hello, flexible micro-apartments), and building a city for the 22nd century.

Zoo Station

For years, the concept of a passenger train running from Old Sacramento to the Sacramento Zoo has been stalled by one obstacle after the next. Now is the time to get this wild idea back on track.

Topping off the Town

Cities like Paris, St. Louis and Seattle are instantly recognizable worldwide, not because of office buildings, but for iconic observation towers that scrape the sky. It’s time to top off Sacramento’s skyline with an architectural exclamation point.