Sactown Magazine - December-January 2012

The Future’s So Bright

A local band goes country strong, landing on Country Music Television and opening for Willie Nelson and LeAnn Rimes. Now Attwater comes home for the holidays with a shiny new Christmas EP and takes Sacramento’s biggest stage

Coyote Beautiful

The founder of Dos Coyotes Border Café created his home like any good chef prepares a gourmet meal—completely from scratch, served with warmth and color, and filled with distinctive flavors. And, in this case, one very important ingredient: Sage.

Where She Was From

Native daughter Joan Didion reflects on the untimely deaths of her husband and daughter, the difficulty of parenting and her Sacramento roots.

Time Machines

You don’t need to be H.G. Wells to dream of time traveling. Many cities are telling their own stories using historic tours to preserve their distinctive identities. After all, what better way to journey through history than by sitting in a piece of it?

Board Chair of the California Museum Dina Eastwood

Dina Eastwood, board chair of The California Museum and wife of Clint Eastwood, talks about the California Hall of Fame’s A-list affair at the Memorial Auditorium (Magic Johnson! The Beach Boys!), her aha moment and being a self-professed science geek.

Curl Power

When Alicia Keys’ hair hits a flat note, her stylist brings out the Curls. Designed for multiethnic and naturally curly tresses, the locally based hair care line is making waves with everyone from A-listers to curls next door.

Catalyst for Change

The recent design competition to reinvigorate Capitol Mall is a big step in the right direction. But now that the ideas are on the table, let’s make sure we’re viewing the situation from the right vantage point (preferably a high one).

The Lyon King

The former chef-owner of the Zagat dining guide’s highest-rated restaurant in the Sacramento region, La Bonne Soupe Café, is back in business with a cozy new boîte in Folsom.