Sactown Magazine - April-May 2018

The Curious Case of William T. Vollmann

He jumps freight trains for fun. The FBI thought he might be the Unabomber. He won the National Book Award the same year as Joan Didion. And some people think he’s a lock to win the Nobel Prize for literature. Acclaimed author William T. Vollmann gives us a peek inside his Sacramento studio (and his head) on the eve of releasing his new books on climate change and the end of the world as we know it. Yes, Bill, we’ll take that scotch right about now, thank you.

Parking Attendance

In London, local visionaries capitalized on a dying civic asset—the parking garage—to create a sculpture garden, painters’ studios and even an observation deck, all in an effort to boost an arts-fueled neighborhood. Guess what? It worked.

Don’t Trash Sacramento

Cities around the world are fighting litter, so as the capital city adjusts to its new place in the national spotlight, it’s time to clean up our act.