Sactown Magazine - August-September 2013

Fine Diming

The bigger-than-life former chef of The Kitchen launches Capital Dime in midtown, combining high-end quality with low-range prices. And he’s just getting warmed up.

A New Leaf

When a Napa vintner moved to Amador County, she wanted to live in a space that blended seamlessly with the surrounding rolling vineyards and her busy lifestyle. With the help of two Sacramento architects, her Three Leaf House became a one-of-a-kind home.

Spin City

Around the world, cities are dressing up their skylines and energizing downtowns and waterfronts with shiny new observation wheels. This is one idea that Sacramento should take out for a spin.

Looking for a Square Deal

Once the site of Sacramento’s most ambitious building project, 301 Capitol Mall may be in play again. But will it rise to the occasion? Here’s why CalPERS holds the future of our grandest boulevard in its hands.