Sactown Magazine - June-July 2018

He Has the Meats

Chef-owner Sam Marvin targets contemporary carnivores with the opening of a modern steakhouse at Downtown Commons.

The Whole Earth Cataloguer

UC Davis professor Harris Lewin is about to launch one of the most audacious scientific ventures in human history—to map the DNA of every living thing on Earth. The 10-year, $5 billion quest could result in a tsunami of medical cures, solutions for global hunger, and the creation of a new “Silicon Valley of agricultural science and biotechnology” right here in our backyard. Oh, and it might save the planet too.

The Last Straws?

A bill to curtail plastic straw use in restaurants could hit the governor’s desk this summer. But some environmentally conscious eateries already have a message for the plastic industry: Suck on this.

Hollywood Set Decorator Julie Ochipinti

Whether it’s Wayne Manor in "Batman Begins" or Nikola Tesla’s lab in "The Prestige," set decorator Julie Ochipinti brings scenes to life one Victorian chandelier or top hat at a time. Currently the imaginative prop queen behind HBO’s popular series "Westworld," the Fair Oaks native talks about the challenge of navigating the show’s historical and futuristic settings, getting the design bug at Sacramento thrift stores and how her Oscar nomination turned her into an overnight sensation.

Take Me to the River

With our new science center and planetarium finally breaking ground and connecting us with the stars, perhaps it's time to set our sights back down on Earth.

Go Climb a Bridge

Sydney's iconic Harbour Bridge has become one of Australia top attractions. It's time for us to scale new heights as well.

Animated Figure

Death takes a holiday in the Día de los Muertos-centric film Coco, which made its Netflix debut on May 29. Having spent over four years bringing the Pixar animated feature to life, its co-director/writer Adrian Molina talks about taking a holiday of his own, saying proper thank yous at the Oscars and making “awful” movies while growing up in Grass Valley.