Sactown Magazine - October-November 2016

Coliseum as Canvas

Three Northern California artists are adorning the new arena with their takes on humor, beauty, sports and the Sacramento Valley’s natural landscape

Coloring Outside the Lines

For the plaza outside the new Kings arena, Sacramento pulled out all the stops and spent $8 million to land Jeff Koons’ sculpture "Coloring Book" in what was the art world equivalent of a No. 1 draft pick—expensive and potentially game-changing. Here’s the behind-the-scenes look at how fate, fortunes and family connections came together to make it possible.

A Mighty Heart

After two NCAA division titles, two Olympic gold medals and eight seasons as the Sacramento Monarchs’ original franchise player, Ruthie Bolton, aka “Mighty Ruthie,” faces down the biggest challenge of her life. And it isn’t on a basketball court.

Past Perfect

Saddle Rock, Sacramento’s first restaurant, rises from the ashes of history, reinvented by a new generation of culinary pioneers. It’s time to reconsider the oyster, among other delectations of Gold Rush gastronomy.

Conventional Unwisdom

The city is in danger of making an epically bad decision about our convention center. It turns out we’ve made this same mistake before—twice.

The ABCs of Merrin Dungey

A veteran of ABC shows like "Once Upon a Time" and "Alias," actress Merrin Dungey will return to the alphabet network this fall to co-star in the new legal drama "Conviction." The Rio Americano alum talks about growing up in Citrus Heights as a Charlie’s Angel, her motto “no cuts, no buts, no coconuts,” and that time she accepted a secret mission from J.J. Abrams.

Just Add Water

In cities like Seattle and Boston, artists are creating temporary sidewalk designs that are only revealed when it rains. With winter in our sights, let’s have our own rainy day fun.