Sactown Magazine - February-March 2017

Morning Glory

Breakfast-for-lunch becomes an instant everyday tradition at Pushkin’s Restaurant, the new midtown offshoot of Olga and Danny Turner’s popular gluten-free bakery

Raw Talent

When Kru moved from a pocket-sized midtown locale to an expansive space in East Sacramento, chef-owner Billy Ngo responded to the sophistication of his Japanese restaurant’s splashy new digs by upping his already elevated sushi game and creating an even more seaworthy dining experience.

Walk This Way

Downtown’s K Street recently marked five years as a non-pedestrian mall. So it has cars on it. Sort of. Well, most days, but not during fun times. It’s complicated, but it shouldn’t be.

A Rainbow Connection

In Seoul, a bridge outfitted with LEDs and fountains shoots water over the Han River and puts on kaleidoscopic light shows. We can think of another river city where a similar display might make a splash.

Culture Club

ArtStreet, the hotly anticipated follow-up to Art Hotel, is just the next step in M5Arts’ master plan to transform Sacramento into a creative mecca