Author: Hillary Louise Johnson

Once Upon a Time in Mexico

Mushrooms. Walnuts. Pomegranate seeds. Mashed potatoes. Can this really be Mexican food? Welcome to Mesa Mercado, a new market-to-table restaurant in Carmichael that celebrates Mexico’s historic cuisine.

The Art of Architecture

An extraordinary arts community sprouted in the fields of UC Davis in the 1960s. Now, with the opening of the Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum, a building every bit as innovative as the art it houses, the legacy of that improbable era of California art history is on glorious display for all to see—and touch.

Coloring Outside the Lines

For the plaza outside the new Kings arena, Sacramento pulled out all the stops and spent $8 million to land Jeff Koons’ sculpture "Coloring Book" in what was the art world equivalent of a No. 1 draft pick—expensive and potentially game-changing. Here’s the behind-the-scenes look at how fate, fortunes and family connections came together to make it possible.

A Mighty Heart

After two NCAA division titles, two Olympic gold medals and eight seasons as the Sacramento Monarchs’ original franchise player, Ruthie Bolton, aka “Mighty Ruthie,” faces down the biggest challenge of her life. And it isn’t on a basketball court.

Past Perfect

Saddle Rock, Sacramento’s first restaurant, rises from the ashes of history, reinvented by a new generation of culinary pioneers. It’s time to reconsider the oyster, among other delectations of Gold Rush gastronomy.

A Dandy Shandy

Tank House’s lemony frozen treat is the summer super quencher that just might turn you into a day-drinker. (After all, it’s always beer-thirty somewhere.)

Going the Distance

In 2012, swimmer Haley Anderson made waves when she captured the silver medal in the 10-kilometer open water race at the London Olympics. Now this tough Granite Bay competitor hopes she’s as good as gold in Rio this summer.

Raising the Barn

On the banks of the mighty Sacramento River, an instant architectural icon has sprouted from the earth, connecting the natural landscape of the riverfront to its modern neighbors ashore, all while making a bold statement about our region’s history and our new civic identity. Here’s how our newest urban landmark was born.

Truth and Consequences

After taking on the National Football League with his stunning discovery about the long-term damaging effects of concussions, and then being portrayed by Will Smith in one of the most high-profile dramas of 2015, Dr. Bennet Omalu has now become a powerful voice for athletes, military veterans and children alike. Here’s how a Sacramento pathologist journeyed from a poverty-striken childhood in Nigeria to his new role as a global game changer in the world of science.

Inside Out

How one modern family and their architect developed a Sacramento home that blurs the lines between the lives inside and the world outdoors.

A New Leaf

When a Napa vintner moved to Amador County, she wanted to live in a space that blended seamlessly with the surrounding rolling vineyards and her busy lifestyle. With the help of two Sacramento architects, her Three Leaf House became a one-of-a-kind home.